Just been approved? See our guide to getting started and selling on Todelli

Welcome to the Todelli community! We will sail you step by step through your account set-up and provide you with a few tips on how to best use the platform… it’ll be quick and painless, promise!


Step 1 << Complete your profile >>

If you are wondering what you should do now, the answer is just as simple as that: add as much information as you can to your profile, in order to increase the chances to be discovered by professional Chefs.

  • List any product you would like to sell:

Once logged in, your personal shop will look like the screenshot above: on the left-hand side you can find the main sections, while on the right-hand side you can complete and edit the information for each one of your sections. By hitting on “add a new product” you will be able to start adding a quick overview of the product.

“Photos”, “Product name” and “Short description” are the most important sections to be filled to help Chefs get a general sense of what you are offering. Actually, it takes very little time to fill in the remaining spaces as well. Remember: the more products you list, and the more descriptive you go for each one of them, the best chances you have to draw buyers’ attention. Click here to get more info on how to add a new product.

  • Edit your shop details:

The “Cover photo” together with your “Company’s story” will go to the top of your shop profile and will be reflecting your philosophy and company identity. Write about your products, team, achievements, unique selling proposition – the factor/s that differentiate your products from your competitors - and don’t be afraid to go personal as Chefs want to feel your passion and all the efforts you put into your creations.

  • Finish to edit your profile info – if you haven’t already done so:

Under “Your Details” make sure you include Your Name and Email Address to facilitate our interaction. Upload a picture of you / your Marketing person or the company logo which will be displayed at the top of the page. Don’t forget to update your Company Details and Billing Address to smoothen the selling and shipping process. This will help to build your online reputation as a seller and remember to press the “Update detail” button at the end of the page to save all your edits.

  • Send us your payout details:

Please email us your bank account details (Name, Sort Code, Account Number, Bank Address and BIC Number) at “secure@todelli.com” to enable payouts and don’t hesitate to contact us at “support@todelli.com” if you may need to change your payment details or want to discuss an alternative pricing plan.

N.B.: You can amend your Personal and Company Details at any time, as well as track the orders you receive in the section “My orders”. We suggest that you access your Todelli shop at least once a week to make sure that the information, photos and products on sale are always up to date, as well as to track incoming orders - you will also receive an email notification whenever a Chef establishes contact with you.


Step2 << Message a couple of buyers >>

Congrats, you are now ready to showcase and sell your products on Todelli web app! Once your profile is approved by our team, Chefs can discover you, message you directly and start a chat to ask for samples or order online from the products you have listed on your Todelli shop.

Help them discover you on Todelli by spreading the word of mouth: send directly to some restaurants & Chefs an introduction on where to find you at todelli.com.


Step3 << Add referral to your website >>

More than 100+ restaurants in London and around the UK trust Todelli as the One-stop-shop to discover new ingredients with transparency directly from the makers.

Promote your presence at Todelli by adding the following referral quote & picture onto your Website and Social Media platforms:

"We just joined Todelli, the first and largest #farmtotable marketplace for Awarded and Professional Chefs to discover high-quality and unique ingredients directly from the makers. If you want to view our Catalogue and food-service prices head to our Todelli shop [URL of supplier..../....] and buy over a click or chat to us there for any questions."

This is definitely the best way to let Chefs & other food-service buyers discover that you are already selling on Todelli.

Once more, we are thrilled to have you onboard and we hope you will thrive among our community by getting discovered by Michelin awarded chefs, restaurateurs, deli owners, hotel F&B managers and other industry influencers.

Let's make the future of our food-supply chain transparent together and spread local fine produce globally!

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