Is it free to start a shop on Todelli?

Todelli offers you a growing global marketplace as a way to grow. Yes, it is free to start your shop and there are no hidden fees, it's all described below.

Todelli's Marketplace

Each brand that launches a shop on Todelli has a shop in the marketplace. Our marketplace offers exposure to Chefs & Restaurateurs buyers worldwide, driving increased sales, traffic, and visibility to brands like yours. We charge a 10% commission + VAT for such sales after each transaction. 

Here is all we offer in return in order to bring the right customers to your door-step: 


£0 Monthly pricing


10% Marketplace commission (plus 20% VAT)
3% Transactions Fees

All features

✓   Marketplace shop

✓   Unlimited product listings    

✓   Built-in email marketing        

✓   Automated advertising        

✓   Personalised matching (recommending you to Chefs & Restaurants who are looking for products like yours)



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