How we do it: Selecting our producers

How we do it: Selecting our producers

When it comes to selecting the producers there are 5 things we really pay attention to. 

  1. High-quality
    We seek out the very best speciality food products from across the globe. From saffron grown in the English countryside, to salami made with a six-generation-old recipe: every product on our site is of spectacular quality, delightful individuality, and of course great taste.
  2. Small-scale 
    We care about the taste winners that are not necessarily mass producing their products.
  3. Brand & story
    The product a Chef is looking for is the one of absolute quality and uniqueness. And individuality comes from the brand and the story. We have a keen eye to welcome brands that have a special story to tell so that Chefs can pass that to their end customers. 
  4. Proximity 
    Even though we welcome products from around the world we focus on recommending to chefs the ones around them and we encourage the 30 miles radius in that way.
  5. and of course...response time 
    We are a ‘community first’ platform, dedicated to supporting our members however we can, whenever we can. We are always keen to get members on-board that are responsive to a buyer's request within minutes.

If it all sounds like you – read the next article to learn how to get started.


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