How to add a new product

A step-by-step guide 

We made it easy to list a new product. Once you've completed the process our team will review your product, to make sure that everything looks absolutely perfect. We will then send you an email confirmation that your products are up and running on the same day. You can add more than one products in one go. Go ahead, do it & start selling faster!

Step One:

Hit 'Add a new product' under your avatar or on the 'My products' page and start adding a quick overview of your product 

Step Two:

Fill in all the details around pricing and delivery. 

Prices are currently all in GBP as we are trading only in the UK but we are working to support more options. Please ensure that the prices are shown without VAT and that you select the correct VAT range after that.

Step Three:

Make your product stand out with awards and certificates that you have received and by mentioning where the product is currently used. Please also highlight the Estimated time of delivery & cost to the UK as all of our buyers are currently from the United Kingdom.

One last thing:

As a final step, add a quote from that you have received from an existing client. It can be a chef or restaurateur. This element raises more trust towards your brand and will truly impress the buyers that are looking at you for the first time on the platform.

Your product page preview: 

Now you should be done and seeing a preview of your product like in the example below. That means that we have received your product and reviewing it in the background. It normally takes us only a few minutes to approve a product if everything is right and we will confirm approval with a written email as well. 



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