How do I start selling on Todelli?

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We know that you need to focus on running your business. This is why we've made it easy to apply to sell on Todelli. Click here and sign up. You will notice that in order to sign up, you will need your email, a memorable password, your company name and operating address. It all takes less than two minutes.

What happens after you sign up:

  • We go away and verify the information you gave us to make sure you have the right to operate on behalf of the company you are representing. We might request further information on some occasions. We also initially curate the information on your shop to help you showcase your story, but you can make amends at any point after your profile is approved.
  • In the meantime, you can start adding products to your shop. This will help get your shop up and running faster. Learn more about 'How to list products' here and Read tips on 'How to create great listings' here.
  • Remember always show your products at their best. If your food & drinks brand is at the beginning and you do not have perfect photography or branding it's okay. Show us that you understand that it's about the quality of service as well as your product itself. Respond quickly when we email you and make sure you keep your product listings up to date. 

Adding products 

First on the list: start adding products to your shop. We've created a helpful guide with step-by-step instructions on how to add and edit products.

Setting up payment options

Todelli is currently working towards supporting the following payment options: Bank account payments. Once you receive an order and 'Mark it as shipped', we will notify you via email that you need to add your bank account details in order to get paid. Please also note that we will be updating this article to include best practices and terms around selling products on Todelli.

Shipping to a customer

When a customer buys a product from you on Todelli you are responsible for shipping the product to them. You have 5 days to dispatch the order and mark it as such under the 'My orders' section. Our step-by-step guide to shipping products to customers is coming soon.

Learn more about the Todelli marketplace

Each brand that launches a shop on Todelli has a shop in our global marketplace. Learn more about the benefits of our marketplace—including increased sales and exposure to buyers worldwide—here.


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