Guidance: Photography tips for a great looking shop & products

Photography guidance & tips

We are always around if you need a helping hand to make your store and product listings look great. Follow the tips below or email us at

  1. Make sure your header photo is 1800x1000 with a safe area of 1600x500 pixels. Aim for your brand name to be fully visible within the header's safe area as well. Here is a good example below. 
  2. Make sure your profile photo is a good representation of you as a person/ owner. A Smiling face is always the best approach. Avoid full body photos or long shots. Beware of nasty crops with missing parts of the head.
  3. Shop photos VS product photos: Your shop photos are there to represent your brand and your story. Make sure you use those to express what your brand is about.  Showcase yourself in action. In your lab, in the field collecting your harvest, or show just a photo of you with your product (e.g. loading a truck, packing the product, tasting it etc.  are always good examples).  
  4. When it comes to your product pack shot and photo please ensure that you select a clear one. This doesn't mean that your photo needs to be on a white background. On the contrary, we want it to be lively and represent you and your brand. Here are a couple of great examples below. 

    If you do select your product shot to be on a white background please do leave plenty of white negative space to ensure that your photo is properly positioned and not weirdly cropped.

    If your product is packaged then please make sure that you clearly showcase the packaging as well.
  5. Here is a great example on all the above photos from the Abernethy Butter makers

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